Liquid Adrenaline

Liquid Adrenaline - 5th Dimension - FLYER CLOSE UP

I moved to Toronto, Canada when I was 21 years old of age, in 1992. By 1996 I was what you could be considered now a raver, even though I did not attend all parties that the city would throw almost weekly by that time…

I loved the peace, love, unity and respect (PLUR) aspect of raves in Toronto! It might seem cliche to speak about it in such terms, but that is what we experienced in Toronto at that time! So much so that Toronto was known for a good while as being one of the best rave scenes in the world so to speak!

So one of these days, searching about the rave scene of those times which were so good, I came to the very popular and famous night club called Industry that is forever written in Toronto’s night club’s history. Everybody loved Industry! In this page I found out about a link to another page that had many of Toronto’s rave flyers (This Instagram page). And one of them that jumped out to my attention was a Liquid Adrenaline’s flyer of a rave that happened in Toronto in the year of 2000!

I could never ever had thought at the time of the whole symbolism of the flyer! I do remember seeing it, but I did not go to the party as it had a very specific niche of music style that I do not remember which one now, but that it was not much my cup of tea! I do remember the irreverence of much of the flyers’ visuals!

In it you can find explicit, direct reference to the 5th Dimension, as well as what is known in the ufologists’ community as the Reptilians. A supposedly kind of bad asses 4th Dimensional aliens that control our reality through the 13 Illuminati Families of the 3rd Dimension.

What is interesting to notice is how naive and ignorant I was in the year of 2000! I do remember the flyer, but I had no idea of the concepts expressed in it so in our faces!

So I chose this flyer to represent the whole concept of the site: ravers who known that the 5th Dimension is the next evolutionary step in Human Consciousness even though most of this knowledge is kept as a secret from the stupid, ignorant masses that I belonged to in the year of 2000!

Check out for yourselves the symbolism and meaning of the Liquid Adrenaline’s year 2000 rave flyer about the Ascension to the 5th Dimension…

So the question here is: how the rave promoters knew of topics that for the population at large was kept hidden?? What kind of connections they had to conceptualize and print such flyer?

Any questions about the symbolism just leave a question in the comments section!

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