The Energies

Wave 2

So what about the energies that have supposedly hit planet Earth on the 28th of September, after the last Blood Red Moon Tetrad? The so called Wave-X?

Since around the 21st of December of 2012, I feel the whole atmosphere with my body! It is a very strange sensation to describe… It is as if I am being gently blown all over my body! And I feel these energies as the channelings describe them: they come in waves! Therefore, I was very interested in finding out how the predictions of a huge consciousness transforming wave of gamma rays would feel hitting my body!

On the date itself, the 28th, I did not feel a thing! … BUT, on the 29th, 30th of September, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and today, the 5th of October, I did/do feel them!! It started on the 29th, with a high sensation, and today it has subsided a bit, but I still can feel it with my body!

I thought about sharing a post on how the energies feel, through my view… So I would say that we did have another change, almost as strong as December 2012 – when I started to feel the atmosphere in this whole new way!

I can’t really describe how they feel on my body, but it is very supporting like as if I was walking being carried by God, because I feel light, almost floating! As if I was going to levitate, and levitation is one of the “superpower” that we supposedly will gain when we have the shift to the 5th Dimension!

Below there is a picture that might show the energies feel! The waves here look a little bit dark, but the small dots describe it well how they feel light on my body… So it is like this picture but instead of them being black, imagine them being white!! Bright light!

So the waves are more like the harmonic, calm waves shown in the picture below, as supposedly discordant, aggressive ones as in the picture above…

They are very cool, very trippy to be felt!

Wave 1



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